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How to Be an Attractive Man in 4 Easy Steps

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Growing into an attractive man doesn’t really happen overnight. Just like building your personality means investing in yourself daily, working on your mindfulness, intellectual rising, learning and broadening your experiences through traveling, books, music, etc. so does forming a physical appearance you’ll be happy with. Basically, to be attractive – to both yourself and others – you need to invest a lot of time and effort. Naturally, to many – the (in)famous genetic lottery plays a big role which is, then, directly related to the amount of time and effort they’ll invest in shaping their physical appearance.

If you’ve been looking to change something about the way you look, upgrade yourself and become the picture perfect man you’ve always known you are, you can. Apart from continually investing in yourself, there are a few additional tricks you may find useful to try.

Start doing these four things and you’ll see a positive transformation in no time.

Raid your closet

Let’s forget about the modern Neanderthal philosophy where taking a shower and wearing a white cotton T with jeans exists as the only form of pampering, shall we? Just as women have their wardrobe taken care of very carefully, so should men. The same goes for cosmetics, perfumes and shoes.

If your closet reeks with grey tones and boredom, and if you feel like yawning each time you try to find an outfit to wear, it’s time you went shopping! It is not uncommon for guys to have a problem with understanding what their personal style actually is, so they often get lost in the sea of choices. For that, it wouldn’t harm if you found a model/singer/actor, etc. whose style you admire and try to imitate it. Obviously, you wouldn’t be stealing their outfit ideas but only use them as inspiration to model your style after. As for shopping, if you are not that skilled in picking up clothes, bring a fashion-knowledgeable friend, your girlfriend, sister or whoever knows their stuff for consultation. They’ll be honest and help you choose properly.

Groom that bush

No, we’re not talking about THAT bush and, hey, please stop picturing it! We good? Okay.

The bush we’re referring to is your lips’ best friend – the beard. If you are one of the 3% of the world’s population that doesn’t currently sport a beard, you may stop reading this passage straight away. However, if you’ve grown your hairs solid planning to stay on (the hipster) trend and give your face a mysterious, exotic flair – read on.
Growing a beard doesn’t really come down to just letting your face get overwhelmed with a million hairs; keeping it groomed, polished and looking fine is an art form. In case you haven’t been very diligent about your bush, it’s time you changed that. Buy your beard some beard care products and schedule trims at the best local barber you know. A groomed beard will upgrade your entire appearance and you’ll ooze confidence like never before. Plus, rumour has it that women adore bearded men. Sweet.

Flash the pearly whites

No matter how gorgeous you look or how fit you are, if your smile is more yellow than it is white, you are good for nothing. Sorry if we’re being harsh, but that’s the reality of things. Although, there’s no need to worry, really; with the latest upgrades in dentistry you can quickly get your teeth fixed no matter how crooked, stained or yellowish they are. For instance, Aussies are big on their oral hygiene and many Sydneysiders have a cosmetic dentist in Sydney or nearby who makes sure their pearly whites are always on point. No wonder the entire world thinks they are the men with the best smile! And, guess what? You can be one of them!

Have a signature perfume

A good perfume is a game changer! A man that smells nice is not only a man who knows his worth but someone who oozes style, confidence, success and ambition. Are you that man? Of course you are. Make sure you choose a perfume that agrees with your personality and wear it daily. Everyone around you will remember the way you smell, and that’s one of the best things to be remembered for (if the smell is pleasant, of course!). Oh, and don’t ever wear perfume if you haven’t taken a shower. Also, don’t ever go overboard. Too much perfume is just… tacky.


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