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How to Be the Coolest Guy at the Gym

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It’s not a secret that summer bodies are made in winter, and that being said, it’s quite probably that you intensified those trainings in order to look top notch when summer comes. Now that you have that covered, it’s time to think about your look at the gym. Do you think you’re a douche or not? We can all agree on the fact that douchebags at the gym are very much disliked, so it’s very advisable not to be that guy. But how can you be the coolest guy at the gym?  Take a look at the following tips and you’ll be so cool that you might even get someone’s phone number:

Come alone

There’s nothing cooler than people coming alone to the gym. Having a gym buddy is a great thing, sure, but coming alone (at least once in a while) gives a great impression that you know what you’re doing and that you can do everything alone. Moreover, there’s something mysterious in a person who doesn’t talk to anyone, but rather just lifts those weights while listening to his own music. So, never mind if you have that gym body, choose specific days during which you will be coming alone. You can modify your training routine for this occasion which will be also beneficial for your body.

Don’t chill on the equipment

Ugh. There’s probably a special place in Hell for people who chill on the equipment and don’t let you work out, right? Just kidding, but seriously – this might as well be the biggest gym pet peeve of the majority of people, so unless you want to be the most disliked person out there, avoid doing this. If you really need a break, there are other places where you could chill, and if you want to check the likes of your gym selfie, once again, there are other places where you could do that. If you’re using the equipment, actually use it – gym membership is not free so people shouldn’t give up on using the equipment they want only because you’re chilling there.

Dress to the occasion

Probably the most important thing for being the coolest guy at the gym is the clothes and the accessories you’re wearing. Always opt for nice, high-quality gym equipment that looks good on you. For bottoms, go with a bit shorter shorts (as probably there are those who want to see some skin – and if you have excellent runner legs, why not tease a bit?), and a high-quality training t-shirt. Make sure to go for basic white socks – any other is just not for the gym and might make you look funny and totally like a non-gym person.

The post-workout effect

Just as your attitude in the gym is important, so is the post-workout walk from the changing rooms to the reception and out of the gym. These 3-5 minutes are very important, believe it or not. So, once you shower and finish packing, put on a hoodie, as this is the garment that many love to see on guys who finished their workout. It’s sexy, cosy, casual but still fashionable. Furthermore, make sure to take appropriate care of your hair after showering, in order to give the impression that you really know what you’re doing. OK, yes, and for your own benefit, sure.

Don’t grunt

Again, one of the worst things one could be doing while working out is definitely grunting. Even though this is sometimes necessary, make sure to keep the volume to the minimum, as nobody really wants to know how much difficulties you’re having. Not grunting in the gym gives the impression that you know how much you can handle, and there’s nothing cooler than that.


So, there you go. If you follow these tips and tricks, there’s no way you won’t be perceived as one of the coolest guys at the gym. You’re very much welcome.

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