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"Black Box" Grooming Kit

Great stuff

My beard never looked better

Beard oil virgin

I'm now with my first beard ever after 40+ years of shaving. Had no clue about oils and butters etc. I'm liking this product and have nothing to compare it to. I will purchase again when needed. Quick and painless order - receiving time.

Awesome service and great product

This product is simply amazing! Excellent value for money!

Thank you Ramiz!

I have tried several other brands from Jack Black to Texas Beard Co. but none have compared to Babel brand. I did have an issue the first time I ordered from Babel but was resolved very nicely. First time I used Cinnamon Bark and it was good. I live how the smell is strong at first and is still there throughout the day. Not as strong as when I first put it on but still strong enough to smell it. I know its still there the next day because the smell of the oil actuvates again when I shower in the morning so that tells me that the oil is not drying out. It is doing its job. This 2nd time I got Sandalwood and it is amazing. Love the scent. It got rid of all those peaky little knots and my beard has not fallen off as much as it was. It is oily at first but then again it is oil. Any that is left over on my hands goes on my hair. My hair is also looking very healthy. Thanks Babel. Very good beard oil. I love it

Thank you for the kind words Gio, we love having you as a customer!

Sandalwood Beard Oil

Love it

Works very well

Thank you Reginald! We're glad you liked it ;)

Cinnamon Bark Beard Oil

Thank you Karen!
Pure awesomeness!

If all the other products are anything like the black box... WOW!! Amazing company with amazing CSR'S. (Especially beth) I WILL DEFINITELY speak highly of this comapny.. on my YouTube channel AND in person, to my fellow beardsman.. thank you, 110% satisfied

Thank you so much

Hello dear friends your products are great...very pleasant on my skin beard feels super soft and it smells wonderfully of sandalwood..absolutely fantastic... i give you 5 Stars you deserve it ...greetings from Germany...Harald Klein

Our pleasure Harald!
Love the black box

Loved the black box kit and all the products inside were well beyond my expectations cant say enough great things about this company

Thank you Brian!
Great scent

Top of the line packaging and labeling! The scent is straight up mint chocolate chip ice cream, smells wonderful. High quality all around!

Thank you Dan, Respect!

1) first thing I thought when I smelled it was: "Get in my Beard!"

2) smells just like some rich mint chocolate chip ice cream

3) great customer service and communication

4) unreal fast shipping

5) most professional packaging I have seen with beard products

I will be back to purchase more!

Thank you Dan!
best oil out there

best oil i have bought so far, other oils dont get absorbed and leave my beard feeling oily at the end of the night. Babel Cinnamon Bark Beard Oil absorbs quickly leaving a light feeling to my beard and a great smell.

Sweet Patchouli Beard Oil

Perfect, better than cinnamon oil which is too strong, patchouli oil is which most good properties has for skin.

Perfect treat for your beard

very nice collection and everything you need to have an excellent treat for your beard! Veit

Great Product, Great Customer Service!

The beard oil is awesome! Unlike other products I've used it leaves no greasy residue on my hands, it absorbs quickly, and the scent is exceptional. Patchouli can be easily overdone, this product showcases its spiciness perfectly and with subtlety. The customer service was awesome, I originally set out for the Sandalwood Beard Oil but they were out of stock, they notified me quickly and fulfilled my order for patchouli as a replacement very quickly. A

Excellent Gift

This was such a fantastic kit! All of the products were very high quality and smelled fantastic (especially the orange oil!). The packaging was very sleek and modern, and the overall look made for a great gift! Overall, I will purchase this kit again (and again!) for gifts in the future!

good experience

i love the product


Undoubtedly the best of all brands for the beard care, just missing make pomade with fragrance for hair of the head.

The perfect mix

The was hand the oil go together so well. There isn't an over powering smell lingering under your nose all day but a nice refreshing hint whenever the wind or the fan catches your beard. Even after styling with the balm, there is no greasy residue left in your beard like with other products I've used. Once its in and dry, you can rub your hand through without worry. Would I recommend this product One hundred times YES!

Excellent kit

Everything the beard might need, in a box. A shampoo with a very refreshing aroma, an oil and balsam that moisturize perfectly, and a comb that leaves the long beard perfect and without tangles.

Great smelling Beard

I originally came for the Oud body wash but it was sold out. I tried other beard oil brands and was not pleased as they were too greasy or very drying. This beard oil and balm are top quality and well formulated. The beard oil isn’t greasy and the fragrance is sublime. I’m looking forward to getting the sandalwood beard oil soon. I love the presentation of this set. Very masculine and posh. I was impressed by how this boxed set looked. Very well thought out and detailed.

amazing kit

It's a super bears kit. Just loving it

Thank you so much Krizya!