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"Black Box" Grooming Kit

Beard Balm

Products are perfect!

Still waiting for my beard to grow.


Love this product

My husband loves it!

My husband loves this box. He can't go a day without applying the oil. His beard looks, smells, and feels great!

Solid beard oil.

I’ve somewhat of a beard oil collecter. I have tried over 100 different oils so I’m kind of a expert on this stuff 😂 I got the cinnamon Bark oil. The scent is absolutely amazing. It almost lingers like a cologne. Performs excellent on the beard. Made from quality oils, and scented with premium essential oils. no filler. Comes in a 2oz bottle where most other brands come in a 1oz bottle so you get double the amount at a great price point. I find myself reaching for this oil most days when I have a medicine cabinet full of options. This stuff is excellent.

Sandalwood Beard Oil

Best Customer Service Ever!!!

I love this company! I emailed customer service about my order and was surprised at how fast they responded. They were super friendly and went above and beyond for me! My brother-in-law loves their products and told me to get something for my husband to try. So I have a few oils and a balm coming. Customer service is definitely a 10/10 and I can't wait for my hubby to review the products. Thank you Babel!

Smells great

Just start using and hoping for a good results.

Would not buy again

The smallest ingredient was essential oils and somewhere in there is supposed to be some sandalwood, but I never smelled it. What I did smell was not appealing to me; sort of floral and dank. I did get to feel my face light up like a bonfire which was not enjoyable. Gave three stars because they refunded my money and despite the smell and heat on my skin, my beard looked decent.

Works for me

Finally i found the perfect beard oil😁

Cinnamon Bark Beard Oil

Awesome Product!

I’ve bought the regular unscented oil about 14 days ago and my beard is almost full and it’s for sure a lot healthier! I can’t wait to buy another bottle.


I have tried several other brands but always come back to BabelAlchemy. None treat my beard the way Babel does. I recently got Cool Mint and I love it. Been using it for about 2-3 weeks now. I shaved my beard but left my goatee in February and began using it immediately on my goatee then on the beards as soon as it was past the stubble stage. My beard grows slow but as soon as I started using it on the stubble it seemed to grow alot faster. And using it since the begining stages my beard feels so soft. Now about the smell, OMG it smells amazing. Not overwhelming. It tends to weaken throughout the day but I know its still there cause if I brush it later in the day it activates the smell again. I only need to use it once in the morning unlike others that I had to use at least 2-3 times a day. I also purchased the beard wash and use it every 3 days. It also smells amazing. The mintiness on the beard wash clears my sinuses in the morning which is good because of the springtime allergies. Overall I love it and will not be using anything else from here on out

I have not tried the oil of yet and I’m sure I’m going to absolutely love it and I will do a revi...

I have not tried it out of yet and I’m sure when I do I will absolutely love it I love it just from other reviews and that is why I purchased the oil I will do a review once I’ve tried it.

Sandalwood Beard Oil

"Black Box" Grooming Kit

Amazing as always!

Bottle lasts a long time! Amazing product. I use on a daily basis! It has made my beard soft and healthy. Best beard products to date!

Cinnamon Bark Beard Oil

Extremely satisfied

I live in Madrid and I find it difficult to find good quality, natural beard oils over here. I ordered beard oil and beard balm from Babel and honestly could not be more satisfied with quality, speed of delivery, packaging or any other aspect of my purchase. I highly recommend Babel products to anyone who is serious about growing and maintaining a healthy beard. Plus, my wife loves the scents.

Great Shampoo!

I have never used a beard shampoo before.....I was using regular hair shampoo and didn’t realize the amount of damage I was doing. This shampoo smells amazing and makes my beard fuller and easier to manage! Highly recommend!

Great product

Great Product

Smells great and keeps my beard soft as well as controls fly-aways

Sweet Tea Tree Beard Balm